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C. F. D.  Apparatus 

2022 Truck Captains

Engine 211: Pat Lynch/Lars Larsen

Engine 212: Bob Benjamin

Truck 211: David Bigelow/Thomas Cole Jr.

Tanker 211: Chad Hall

Misc 211: Thomas Cole Jr.

Misc 212: Lars Larsen

Misc 213: Chief Responsibility

EMS Captain: Scott Brasted

Misc. 213 is a 2012 Dodge 3500 that is used as a utility truck. It is a second Fire Police unit, training transport vehicle and hauls our trailer when we take the antique over the road.

Misc. 212 is a 2013 Ford F-450 that we used to remount the box we had a on a previous truck. This is used for second EMS calls (BLS Equipped), Fire Police / Traffic Control and Ice Water Rescue. We have 6 cold water suits, 1 Marsars Rescue Sled and multiple lines and equipment to compliment an Ice Water Rescue.

Ambulance 211 is a Life Line Emergency Vehicles Superliner 167 ambulance on a Ford F-450 4x4 chassis with LiquidSpring LLC suspension. It contains a Stryker Power Load system, Lifepak 15 Cardiac Monitor, Lucas 2 CPR Machine, EZ I.O. and an iPad tablet for our response program and mobile charting. The ambulance handles the bulk of our calls

Tanker 211 is a 2004 International chassis we remounted our old tank on. It carries 4,200 gallons of water, portable pump and multiple adapters. It’s a gravity feed tank with 6 in electric dumps on each side and remote controls in the cab as well. This is used outside of our hydrant district and is used as a mutual aid piece as well.

Engine 211 is a 1996 KME is a Class A pumper that is designed around a Rescue Engine platform. It has a 1500 GPM top mount pump, thermal imagining camera, Rae 4 gas meter, preconnected Hurst tools, high pressure air bags, onboard foam and a preconnected Foam Pro Pac on the bumper. It is our first piece out for all alarms, fire (structure and vehicle) and first out for MVAs. It’s the work horse of the fleet with plenty of suppression and vehicle extrication equipment

Engine 212 is a 2018 KME custom Severe Service LFD with EZ Trac Hydraulic AWD System and a 1500 GPM single stage pump. Engine 212 was built with a Cummins ISL 9 400 HP Engine. Engine 212 is our supply piece and responds as a mutual aid engine.

Truck 211 is a 2008 KME aerial with a 75ft ladder and a 2,000 GPM Hale pump. This is second out for all alarms and fires. It has a full complement of hand tools, thermal camera, 3 saws, 3 electric fans and 1 gas fan for ventilation, search and forcible entry. The overall size and wheelbase of the truck allows it to be very versatile which is needed in the tight constraints of the Chautauqua Institution streets