Chautauqua Fire Department


Chautauqua Fire Department's Fireman Of the Year.

Jessie Briggs was named “Fireman of the Year” at the Chautauqua Fire Department annual installation banquet in February. He was also honored at the Mayville Fire Department banquet last winter as their “Mutual Aid First Responder”.

Joining the department in 2002, Briggs has risen through the ranks serving the all-volunteer organization as a truck captain, emergency medical technician (EMT), membership committee member and now first assistant chief. Chief Adam Akin describes Jessie as his right hand man bringing many skills to scene management.

In his current capacity as a chief officer, he has shown a special interest in the coordination of emergency medical services including planning drills, training personnel and ordering supplies for the department’s ambulance and other rescue vehicles.  The department averages about 400 emergency calls annually with 85% being medical in nature. Half of those responses occur during the busy summer season at Chautauqua including more than 100 9-1-1 calls in both July and August.

When asked about significant calls that he remembers over the years as an EMT, Briggs said he has been directly involved with four saves of critical cardiac patients. He was also in the ambulance with one of the ice fishermen who nearly succumbed to drowning and hypothermia earlier this spring.

Jessie is a third generation member of the Briggs family who has served in the Chautauqua Fire Department. His grandfather Dave was an active member of the department for many years. His great grandfather Howard who was also a lifelong member was elected “Fireman of the Year” back in the 1970’s. Jessie’s wife Mary now serves with him in the department.